The Independent Schools Examinations Board provides rigorous, high quality examinations and assessments for pupils seeking entry to independent senior schools at 11+ and 13+. The examinations, backed by the leading independent school associations, include the Common Pre-Tests, Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship examinations.

The 13+ Common Entrance examination is strongly supported by many of the top prep and independent senior schools in the UK. Its rigorous syllabuses and breadth of subjects provide a strong academic focus for pupils in Years 7 and 8 and an excellent preparation for GCSEs.

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Vacancy for mathematics setter at 11+

13 January 2016

Candidates sitting Common Entrance are truly international!

Pupils do not need to live in the UK to sit Common Entrance examinations at 11+ or 13+. We have candidates in over 50 countries.
8 January 2016

MBE for Common Entrance Latin Chief Setter

4 January 2016

Prep school Head praises Common Entrance

9 December 2015

Government Minister impressed by Common Entrance

9 December 2015

Common Entrance science at 11+ and 13+: New specimen papers

15 October 2015

Common Entrance mathematics at 11+: Specimen papers for the new syllabus

15 October 2015