1 May 2020

COVID-19 ISEB Update
June 2020 13+ Common Entrance examinations (for prep schools/centres)

  • Papers have been despatched and should have arrived in schools. Please note that papers for any subsequent registrations will arrive later, under separate cover.
  • Papers and CDs for Modern Foreign Language Speaking/Listening examinations and the Mental Arithmetic Test will be included with the papers, but ISEB does not expect pupils to take these components this summer. However, the papers and CDs are available for those schools wishing to use them.
  • ISEB will not be able to make available electronic copies of the MFL Speaking/Listening papers, the Mental Arithmetic paper or the CD recordings which accompany them.
  • For all other papers (timetabled for the week of 2-5 June), ISEB will endeavour to provide schools with access to electronic (PDF) copies of the papers via a secure file-sharing system on Friday 29 May. Schools must inform ISEB by Wednesday 20 May if they wish to use this facility.
  • However, it is not possible to provide an electronic copy of the Geography Colour Resource Sheet, for reasons of accuracy in scale, and this will therefore need to be sent to pupils’ homes by post.
  • Should schools have reopened by June, we would expect them to apply the arrangements outlined in ISEB’s Examination Regulations regarding the storage and opening of confidential material. However, if examinations are to be taken in pupils' homes, Heads of centres will need to open the packages early, in order to create individual sets for each pupil. We have asked for sets of papers to be sent out on Friday 29 May, together with a return envelope addressed to the prep school.
  • Where it is not practicable for schools to post examination packs to their pupils, PDF copies of examination papers may be transmitted electronically to parents for printing at home.
  • After all the examinations have been taken, pupils’ scripts should be returned to prep schools by post, unless otherwise directed and no later than Friday 5 June.
  • Schools will doubtless have their own instructions to send to parents about the conduct of these examinations. We have provided a Guidance and Parent Declaration Form which you can download here. We ask you to include this with the examination papers when sending them out.
  • Papers and mark schemes will be sent to senior/internal marking schools in the usual way.
  • Arrangements about marking are, as usual, for agreement between senior and prep schools.
  • The despatch of certificates for those pupils who are registered to take the examinations will be as normal.

Our thanks go to heads and staff in school who will be overseeing the implementation of these arrangements.

Head’s Report

A Head’s Report Form for each candidate should be sent to the senior school in the usual way. We would additionally advise prep school heads to include in this report information about past performance in CE papers taken in examination conditions at school.

Practice resources

To facilitate preparation of pupils for CE, schools are permitted, in these exceptional circumstances, to send practice/mock papers to pupils’ homes, electronically or by other means.


If you have any questions, please email