20 May 2020

COVID-19 ISEB Update
Geography Fieldwork Enquiry - Summer 2020 and for 2020-21

For this academic year, as is normal, pupils’ completed Common Entrance fieldwork projects will be checked and returned by senior schools at the start of the pupils' attendance at their new schools this Autumn - hopefully September. For candidates sitting Common Entrance examinations at home, fieldwork marks can be added by prep schools to produce the final overall percentage.

For the next academic year, it is hoped that pupils will still be able to complete a fieldwork enquiry. It is too early to say whether residentially based or off-site fieldwork will be possible from September. If whole-form field studies prove not to be possible, pupils should be encouraged to carry out data collection independently in their gardens or local environs and write up the projects in the normal way. This could be done either by the teacher setting a whole class activity, such as a microclimate or weathering investigation using prescribed methods (albeit possibly remotely) or by candidates being given free rein to carry out their own independent study but still following the prescribed guidance and seeking approval from their teacher for whatever they decide (ideally syllabus based) before they commence data collection.

The extract below is taken from the CE Geography syllabus, which can be found here.

Any geographical work undertaken outside the classroom constitutes fieldwork. For the purposes of assessment, it must involve some primary data collection. The fieldwork should be included, where appropriate, in the teaching of the syllabus but can also extend to topics beyond the syllabus, provided that the prescribed format for the investigation and write-up is adhered to. (See Syllabus Appendices IV, V and VI.)