11 February 2021

Extension to 13+ Common Entrance registration deadline

ISEB understands that in the current circumstances it is difficult for schools to plan and prepare for the Common Entrance 13+ summer examinations.

We were pleased that, last year, 75% of registered candidates continued with their Common Entrance plans and completed their examinations. Feedback has shown us the value of these examinations to schools, parents and candidates alike in recognising the teaching, learning and achievements that have continued to take place in Prep schools.

For this reason, we will be extending the registration date for 13+ Common Entrance from 1 March to 22 March 2021 to enable schools to make their teaching and examination plans in light of further government guidelines due to be released on 22 February 2021.

We hope this gives you more time to plan your activities for the summer term. We believe that the 13 + Common Entrance is an important milestone in pupils’ education and contingency plans to allow the examinations to continue in the summer are already in place, should school closures continue.

The new closing date for registrations will be 22 March 2021 and candidates can be registered up to the end of that day. However, candidates’ subject choices and/or levels of papers can be adjusted after this date, in communication with our customer service team.

In recognition of challenges faced this year, ISEB plans to release further guidance to schools to support candidates registered for summer Common Entrance at 13+. Our aim is to assist teachers and pupils as they make final preparations for the examinations.