9 October 2019

ISEB Chair speaks at Port Regis School Conference

Future developments for CE met with a positive response from 50 prep school Directors of Studies at their 29th annual meeting at Port Regis School on Friday 4th October.

The ISEB Chair, Durell Barnes, was able to read to the delegates the text of his letter to The Daily Telegraph, correcting the misleading information which had appeared in the press in recent days.

Far from failing the test of time, CE is alive and well and there have been very positive responses to the plans which we have for its future development, showcased at last week's IAPS conference. Subject specifications and assessments are designed to lay the foundations for life-long learning based on secure foundations of subject knowledge, concepts and skills and pupils' ability to apply what they know to new situations. Thousands of pupils each year will continue to benefit from the opportunity to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do at the end of their prep school education.

Yours faithfully,
Durell Barnes
Chair of the Independent Schools Examinations Board

Two further letters on the subject were published in The Sunday Times on 6th October. The Headmaster of Sandroyd School, Alastair Speers, wrote of the critical thinking skills taught in thriving schools where sports, arts and drama lessons are provided. The Chief Executive of IAPS, Christopher King, wrote that:

The CE exam is not dead or dying. Its use and value to senior schools is evolving, but then so is ISEB, which administers the exam .... Far from doom and gloom, CE - like prep schools themselves - will adapt and evolve to meet the needs of pupils, as it has done for 115 years.