20 December 2019

ISEB Project Qualification

ISEB is excited to be piloting, during this academic year, the ISEB Project Qualification with a view to introducing it more widely from September 2020. The ISEB Project Qualification takes its inspiration from the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is taken in many senior schools in Year 12. Those who have introduced the EPQ to their schools have been impressed by the way in which their pupils’ interest and enthusiasm is sparked, and the intellectual development and confidence that ensues.

The aim of the new ISEB Project Qualification is to give younger pupils, in Years 6, 7 or 8, the opportunity to develop the same important skills of independent enquiry and research, within a framework which has been structured and tailored specifically for their age group. Initial reactions from prep schools have been very encouraging, showing that many are keen to adopt this approach in their own schools and that they value the skills their pupils will develop as a result.

The model of learning is based on research evidence that indicates that independent learning works most effectively through a process of guided discovery, in which pupils are taught the skills they need in order to engage in independent learning, provided with scaffolding to help structure their work and, during the process of the research project, are given guidance from a mentor whose questions and comments help to facilitate the process.

Dr John TaylorISEB has been very fortunate to have enlisted the support of Dr John Taylor, of Cranleigh School, whose has brought his expertise to the design of our initial specification. Our first ‘pilot’ school mentors have already received their training and we look forward to monitoring their progress during spring and summer 2020.