How do I register my child?

If your son or daughter currently attends an independent prep school in the UK or overseas which is a regular user of Common Entrance, it is likely that he or she will be entered by the prep school. If in doubt, please check with your child's school. If your child currently attends a state school or is at an independent school which does not enter candidates for Common Entrance, he or she should be entered using the registration form below. Parents should check with the proposed senior school which subjects and levels their child will be required to sit.

Registration guide
Registration form

Dates for registering your child are:

Examination Session Opening date Closing date
11+/13+ Autumn (November) 2 July 1 October
11+/13+ Spring (January) 2 October 1 December
13+ Summer (May/June) 2 December 1 March

If it is not possible for your child to take the examination in his/her present school, or at an appropriate tutorial centre, you should make an arrangement with a private invigilator. This person should be either a head or teacher at a local school or a person of such professional standing as to ensure the integrity of the examination. Sometimes the senior school for which your child is entered can provide invigilation.

Your child may be registered at a second senior school, but it is important for you to have previously obtained the agreement of that school to be second choice. If your child fails to gain entry to the first-choice senior school, you will need to request that the scripts are forwarded by that senior school to the second-choice senior school.