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ISEB is proud to be a supporting member of COBIS

27 July 2016

Changes to 13+ Common Entrance examination timetable from summer 2017

18 April 2016

Candidates sitting Common Entrance are truly international!

Pupils do not need to live in the UK to sit Common Entrance examinations at 11+ or 13+. We have candidates in over 50 countries.
8 January 2016

Common Entrance science at 11+ and 13+: New specimen papers

15 October 2015

Common Entrance mathematics at 11+: Specimen papers for the new syllabus

15 October 2015

Changes to Common Entrance level 1 language papers

21 April 2015

Our statistics show that ISEB examinations are used by more than 600 of the top independent schools in the UK and overseas

14 April 2015

Common Entrance science syllabus

The final version of the new Common Entrance Science Syllabus has been published, revised in response to changes in the National Curriculum.

27 January 2015

ISEB: Leading the way

28 November 2014

Common Pre-Tests 2014-15

7 September 2014