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The 2023-24 Pre-Tests session has now closed for registration and testing.

Please contact ISEB if you have any questions about the previous testing session.

Registration for the 2024-25 academic year will open on Monday, 10 June. Registration is completed by parents and guardians via the Guardian Admin Portal.

Live testing can begin on Tuesday, 3 September 2024.

We recommend all schools encourage their parent and guardian networks to sign up to our mailing list.

By signing up for the ISEB mailing list, your parents and guardians will be the first to hear about important registration updates, webinar announcements, specialist resources, and support material directly from the exam board.

The ISEB Pre-Tests

What is an invigilation centre?

An invigilation centre is where pupils will complete their Pre-Tests assessments.

An invigilation centre for the ISEB Pre-Tests could be:

– Current school: a UK prep school, maintained primary or junior school or international prep or junior school

– Senior School: if the pupil is sitting the test at one of the schools to which they have applied

– Non-school Venue: an approved independent exam venue, known as a ‘non-school venue’, such as a British Council or VICTVS centre

The Invigilation Centre Admin Portal

All invigilation centres will use their admin portal to organise, administer and coordinate tests for their venue.

If you are a new invigilation centre, please contact ISEB to request a new admin account, email: 

Step-by-step guide to the Invigilation Centre Portal
Support and guidance

The Knowledge Base

To access a range of support articles, videos and FAQs about using the Admin Portals and administering the tests, visit our Common Pre-Tests Knowledge Base.

You can also contact us with any queries you might have by submitting a ticket.



ISEB welcomes feedback from invigilation centres at any time of the year; comments should be sent to

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