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The ISEB Common Entrance (CE) Admissions Toolkit

Welcome to the ISEB Admissions Toolkit for Common Entrance (CE) and Common Academic Scholarship (CASE) exams, established and renowned entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+.

CE has been part of the admissions processes of leading UK senior schools for over a century, having been created in 1903 by HMC, IAPS and GSA and administered by the Common Entrance Committee, later known as ISEB.

On the following pages you will find a wide range of helpful information about registering and preparing for CE and CASE exams.

CE news for families

Common Entrance, Families, Shop 03 March 2023

Past paper exam packs for Spring 2022 CE 11+ and CE 13+ available to order now

Parents and guardians can now order printed Spring 2022 Exam Packs for Common Entrance (CE) 11+ and 13+ and Common Academic Scholarship (CASE) from our online shop.  These past papers

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Families, Families Hub, Shop, Partner 07 September 2023

Embrace your Parent Power with ISEB and Tooled Up Education

ISEB is delighted to announce it’s new partnership with children’s mental wellbeing and resilience expert Dr Kathy Weston, founder and creator of Tooled Up Education. As renowned experts and providers

Common Entrance, Families, Teachers, Schools, Shop 26 August 2022

Our new online shop – order Common Entrance papers

This month, ISEB launched an online shop for the Common Entrance. It is the only place to find the exam papers you need. Read on to see how families, teachers

Families, Families Hub, Partner 22 September 2023

Sustainable Revision: What does it look like? With Dr Kathy Weston

Embedding learning and revision in daily family life can be a lot easier than we think. In fact, the resources and methods included in the second Parent Power Toolkit, produced

General, Families, Teachers, Schools 02 March 2023

World Book Day: Reading suggestions for 11-13 year olds

  In celebration of World Book Day, 2 March 2023, Product Executive Tamra has curated a collection of books suitable for children aged 11-13 years old. Continue to develop and

General, Families, Teachers, Schools

World Book Day: Reading suggestions for 9-11 year olds

  In celebration of World Book Day, 2 March 2023, Product Executive Tamra has curated a collection of books suitable for children aged 9-11 years old. It can be challenging

Common Pre-Tests, General, Common Entrance, iPQ, Shop 06 February 2023

ISEB launches new Support Portals to improve customer service provision

As part of ISEB’s commitment to enhancing our customer service provision, we have restructured the way in which customers can contact us to gain additional support, guidance and information. Please

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