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T he Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) provides the most well-known and respected examinations and assessments for pupils transitioning from prep and junior schools to senior schools in the UK, designing and setting the Common Entrance assessments, and the online, adaptive ISEB Pre-Tests. Used by the UK's leading schools, our assessments are designed to help pupils demonstrate their potential across a wide range of subjects at 11+ and 13+. We also offer the innovative ISEB Project Qualification (iPQ), a programme for schools that focuses on pupil-led, project-based learning.

Explore: ISEB Pre-Tests for Families

Information for parents and guardians with a child preparing for the ISEB Pre-Tests, the online admissions tests used by leading senior schools at 11+.

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Explore: ISEB Pre-Tests for Invigilation Centres

Information for schools and test venues acting as invigilation centres for the ISEB Pre-Tests, the online admissions test used by leading senior schools at 11+.

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Explore: ISEB Pre-Tests for Senior Schools

Information for senior schools working with, or looking to work with, the ISEB Pre-Tests, the leading online 11+ admissions tests.

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Celebrating 120 Years

Last academic year, 2023-24, ISEB marked 120 years at the heart of the independent education sector with our engaging and thought-provoking conference for schools and an exciting, tech-led creative writing competition, Time to Write, click below to find out more and explore our history.

Leading the way

Examination papers taken by candidates in the last 5 years.


Prep, junior and senior schools who have used our examinations.


Countries around the world in which pupils have sat our examinations.


Visit our dedicated support hubs for information, guidance and advice on our examinations and assessments, tailored to schools, teachers and families.

Assessments & Qualifications


W e provide a suite of robust assessments, supported by world-leading academic research and designed to support pupils with their transition to senior school. Whether they are at an independent, international or state school and whatever their background, culture or experience, our easy-to-use Common Entrance (CE) and Common Pre-Tests (CPT) examinations provide an opportunity for all pupils to show their potential, and our ISEB Project Qualification (iPQ) encourages pupils to explore and communicate their personal interests through self-defined and pupil-led projects. Through our website, in-person and online events and industry connections, we now provide more information to support schools, teachers, pupils and families with preparation and development than ever before.

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