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iPQ 2023-24


Welcome to the iPQ Registration & Administration Area.

Online registration for the 2023-24 iPQ has now closed. If you still need to register pupils, please contact us via our iPQ Support Portal.

If you have any queries about running the iPQ in your school, please contact our Marketing & Accounts Manager Tulio Althoff who will be happy to help.

You can now submit your 2023-24 iPQ cohort’s projects for moderation.

To submit your projects, complete the iPQ Project Submission Form below as well as the iPQ Project Submission Template spreadsheet.

iPQ Project Submission Form

iPQ Project Submission Area

Help and information

  • How do schools submit projects for moderation?

    Project submission opened on 14 May 2024. You will need to complete the project submission upload spreadsheet which will be available to download from the ISEB website, and submit your projects together in a .ZIP file. Each project will need to be contained within one single file.

  • In what format should schools submit projects for moderation?

    Pupils will need to prepare a single file that contains all of their evidence (written, audio, video, visual or digital). This can be a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

    Where pupils have created videos or a recording of their presentation, these must be embedded into the file (Word document or PowerPoint presentation). You can include links within the file, if the evidence is hosted elsewhere, provided that general access if enabled so that anyone who clicks the link during the moderation process can view it (for instance, videos on YouTube must be set to public).

  • What should the evidence provided cover?

    The areas the judges will be looking at when moderating projects:

    Define: define a suitable question for enquiry, exploring pros and cons of your enquiry
    Research: use a range of sources and techniques to find out as much as you can about your question and explore
    Create: your response to the question. This could be a creative response, a physical product, an article, digital artifact etc.
    Reflect: explore what you’ve learned and why. What was successful, what might you do differently
    Present: your project and your outcomes to an audience.

  • How does candidate registration for the iPQ work?

    To register candidates for the iPQ, schools will need an active, verified ISEB School Account that allows users registered on the account to log in to the new ISEB website.

    If you are unsure whether your school has an active ISEB School Account, you can submit a ticket on our Support Portal. Please choose the option: ‘Request to check if my school has an ISEB School Account’.

    You will need to populate the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet for 2023-24, which is provided by ISEB, and upload via the online iPQ registration form.

    You can download the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet (in .Excel format) from the iPQ Registration Area and complete this at your leisure.

    Once you have completed the upload template, simply submit it as a .CSV file through the iPQ online registration form to register your candidates.

    A record of your registration will appear in your ISEB School Account dashboard.

    Please note: candidates will be allocated a unique Candidate ID. This ID needs to be quoted when making any changes to a candidate’s registration.

  • What will schools need to be able to complete candidate registration for the iPQ?

    You will need information about your school and yourself, and information about the candidates you are registering.

    About you and your school:

    • Your name
    • Your job title
    • Your school’s name
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your purchase order number/reference
    • The iPQ window you are registering candidates into.

    About each candidate:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Full name to be printed on the certificate
    • Date of birth
    • School year
    • iPQ Level

    You will need to populate the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet for 2023-24, which is provided by ISEB, and upload via the online iPQ registration form.

  • Where can schools access the iPQ candidate registration spreadsheet template?

    To register candidates for the iPQ, schools will need to first populate the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet. The template spreadsheet will be provided by ISEB in .Excel format.

    Simply populate the relevant upload spreadsheet with the information for each candidate. This can be done in your own time, allowing you to build it up over time and review the information within it. You can submit your spreadsheet whenever you are ready, as long as it is before the registration deadline.

    Please note that the spreadsheet must be saved as a .CSV (comma delimited) file for uploading through the online registration forms.


  • How do schools complete the iPQ candidate registration template?

    Each candidate is entered into the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet on a separate line.

    Read our support article on how to populate the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheets, and prepare them for upload via the new online registration forms.

    Please enter the candidate’s first name and last name. If the candidate has a different name that they prefer to appear on their certificate, this can be entered in the ‘preferred full name for certificate’ column. Please enter this in sentence case i.e. James Smith, and please check spelling and punctuation carefully as the names on the certificates will appear as entered into the spreadsheet.

    Please select the candidate’s School Year and iPQ Level from the options in the drop-down lists.

    We advise that you do not upload your until you have full information for all candidates. You will be able to reupload the iPQ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet – this will override any previous uploads, so it should always include ALL candidates, not only those being added or changed.

  • How can schools access support from ISEB?

    Support and guidance is available on our iPQ Support Portal. Here you will find a range of helpful articles and FAQs, and you can also submit an enquiry via the online ticket submission form.

    Access the iPQ Support Portal

  • Why do schools need to log in to a School Account to complete candidate registration?

    The candidate registration system has been designed so that schools can use the same account for registering candidates for CE, CASE, or the iPQ, and ordering past CE papers.

    It means that all CE and iPQ administration is done in one place, and records of registrations and orders can be seen in the same account dashboard.

    ISEB School Accounts put schools in control – they have been designed to allow schools to add and edit users directly. Each account has one or more Admins, who can add users and set user roles and permissions. Each user on the account has their own login, using their own email address and password for added security.

    Please note that administration for the Common Pre-Tests is still completed via the new Guardian, Invigilation Centre and Senior School Portals.

    Find out more about ISEB School Accounts and how they work

  • How can schools access a record of the candidate registrations submitted?

    Once a school has submitted a candidate registration, a copy of the .CSV file submitted, as well as a PDF summary of the information submitted, will become available in the school’s ISEB School Account dashboard. These can be downloaded from the dashboard.

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