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CASE at 13+

We offer a series of Common Academic Scholarship (CASE) assessments in English, mathematics, science, history, geography, theology, philosophy and religion, French and Latin. The questions are based on our Common Entrance (CE) at 13+ specifications. Pupils sitting CASE assessments are entered by the senior schools they have applied to, who choose which papers pupils will sit and also mark the papers. Pupils will usually sit the exam at the senior school.


Pupils sitting CASE assessments are entered by the senior schools they have applied to, who choose which papers pupils will sit and also mark the papers. Pupils will usually sit the exam at the senior school.

Some senior schools select their scholars from candidates who sit CE in the autumn or spring term. These candidates will be entered for CE in the usual way.

The closing dates for senior schools to enter candidates for the CASE assessment are 1 February for the spring examinations and 1 April for the summer examinations.

To register candidates, log in to our registration site using your ISEB school account details.


See which senior schools use CASE at 13+ for all or part of their entry procedure.


The questions for CASE assessments are based on our CE at 13+ specifications.



    There are two CASE sessions each year, in February and May. 

    CASE dates for 2021-2024
    CASE timetable for spring 2022
    CASE examination timetable for summer 2022

  • FEES

    ISEB keeps examination fees as low as possible – fees cover the costs of the setting, printing and despatch of papers, and associated administration.

    CASE fee for candidates taking the examination in the UK: £140
    CASE fee for candidates taking one subject only: £30

    Late entries

    ISEB does its best to accommodate late entries for its examinations and assessments. However, the costs involved in processing late registrations are high. Therefore, all late entries are subject to a fee of £50 per school if received after the published closing date.

    Changes to individual candidate details (e.g. change of school, subject or level) are likely to incur an administrative fee of £5 per candidate if received after the published closing date. 

    If changes to individual candidate details result in additional papers being despatched to schools or other sitting centres, courier and packing charges will be added to the standard administration fee.

    Certificate reprints

    An administrative fee of £10 per certificate will be charged if a reprint is required.


    Registration for CASE is done through our registration site. Each school registered with ISEB will have an account number and a password, which provides access to the registration site. Please ensure that these details are stored safely. 

    The registration periods for entering candidates are:

    Spring session (February)

    Opening date: 2 October
    Closing date: 1 February

    Summer session (May)

    Opening date: 2 February
    Closing date: 1 April

    Candidates should be registered by their full name, which will then appear on their final certificate. 


    Senior schools are asked to let prep schools know the results of CASE assessments as soon as possible, so that decisions can be made about whether a candidate still needs to be entered for the CE examinations.

    Senior schools are also asked to send to prep school heads an overall report on their candidates’ performance. Prep school heads appreciate general comments on each subject. Senior schools are also invited to send copies of their reports to the Chief Executive Officer at the ISEB offices, as the setters always appreciate feedback on how candidates tackled questions in the papers.


Schools can place orders for practice papers in advance of the next set of examinations. This will ensure that they receive the papers immediately after the live examinations have taken place.

The papers can be purchased in either CD, online digital or paper format using the advance order section of the ISEB registration website. Papers are despatched and invoiced by Galore Park, at prices approved by ISEB. If schools decide not to use the advance order system, papers can still be purchased from Galore Park at a later date. 

Note: From 1 August 2022, all past CE examination papers will be sold by ISEB directly, from our new online shop. To be notified when this change happens, and to find out how to purchase past papers after 1 August 2022, please join our email list.

Dates for Advance Orders are:


Opening date: 2 July 2021
Closing date: 17 September 2021


Opening date: 2 October 2021
Closing date: 26 November 2021


Opening date: 2 February 2022
Closing date: 18 March 2022

Parents and tutors are not able to order papers until one year after the examinations have taken place, so schools which purchase the most recent papers for practice purposes can be sure that pupils will not have seen them. 


Schools are invited to give feedback on the examination papers by completing ISEB’s online surveys, which are sent out after the spring examination session. It is hoped that as many schools as possible will complete the surveys for each subject. ISEB welcomes feedback from schools at any time of the year; comments should be sent to

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