About Us

Core principles

The Board's core principles can be summarised as follows:

Quality and scope of examinations

ISEB strives to produce gold-standard examinations and assessments, including paper-based and online assessments and to provide for all pupils in the assessment process.

Educational developments

ISEB monitors educational developments and technological advances nationally and internationally in order to ensure that its examinations are relevant, fit for purpose and at the forefront of global assessment.


ISEB communicates constructively with the educational community which it serves, including all schools and groups which may have an interest in using the Board's assessments or expertise, and parents who require advice and guidance.

Consultation and feedback

ISEB seeks to consult widely with its users about the content of its syllabuses and the appropriateness, quality and style of its examinations and assessments. Feedback is sought through consultation meetings, surveys, CPD days, and regional and national conferences.

Links with educational publishers

ISEB maintains close links with educational publishers and providers to provide high-quality resources to support its syllabuses and examinations.


ISEB ensures that sustainability is considered within every core decision taken.