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Setting teams

All Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship examinations are set by teams of setters drawn from leading independent senior and prep schools. The setters are highly-qualified and experienced teachers with specialist knowledge in their subjects. The papers are proofread thoroughly at every stage and SEND advisers are consulted to consider the structure and wording of each paper.

Currently, setting teams are made up of representatives from the following schools:


Bedales; Bradfield College; Cheltenham College; Eton College; Haberdasher's, Monmouth; Harrow; The Perse; Radley College; Rugby; St Mary's, Shaftesbury; Tonbridge; University College School; Westminster.


The Beacon; Beechwood Park; Bishopsgate; Cargilfield; Christ Church Cathedral School; Clifton College Prep; The Downs; Dragon; Farleigh; Handcross Park; Hawthorns; Highfield; Kew College; Lockers Park; Mary Erskine; Merchant Taylor's; Orwell Park; Rupert House; St Andrew's, Woking; St Ronan's; Swanbourne House; The Perse Prep; Thomas's Clapham; Vinehall; Westbourne House; Westminster Under; Winterfold House.


Vacancies for examination setters are circulated by email to schools in membership of HMC, GSA and IAPS.

There are currently no vacancies.