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The ISEB Pre-Tests are a set of four online, adaptive admissions tests used by leading independent schools as part of their admissions process.

Registration is completed by parents and guardians via the Guardian Admin Portal and is open now for tests being taken in the 2023-24 academic year.

Registration for tests due to be taken in the current 2023-24 academic year must be completed through the Guardian Portal by Friday, 10 May.

All ISEB Pre-Tests for the current 2023-24 academic year must be completed by Friday, 24 May

Registration for the 2024-25 academic year will open via the Guardian portal on 10 June 2024.

If you have a child due to take the Pre-Tests in the upcoming academic year, 2024-25, we recommend you join our mailing list for important information and to be updated when registration opens in June. 

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Pre-Tests Admissions Toolkit

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Access a range of support materials for families including familiarisation and preparation resources, as well as resources to support your child’s wellbeing.

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What are the ISEB Common Pre-Tests?


The ISEB Pre-Tests, sometimes referred to as ‘the 11+’, the ‘Pre-Tests’, or ‘the ISEB’ are a set of four multiple-choice, adaptive, online tests used by leading independent schools as part of the admissions process for Year 7, or delayed entry in Year 9.

The tests cover English, mathematics, verbal reasoning (VR) and non-verbal reasoning (NVR) and will take 2 hours 15 minutes to complete.

Your child will most likely take the ISEB Pre-Tests once during their Year 6 for Year 7 entry (11+), however, some senior schools, such as Eton and Harrow, use the Pre-Tests as a precursor to Year 9 entry (13+).

The testing session runs from the autumn term to the spring term of each academic year. Your child will take the test once during this period. Results are age-standardised so that appropriate comparisons can be made between younger and older applicants and between dates of testing.

You can explore our Pre-Tests Admissions Toolkit to access dedicated information and support for families working towards the ISEB Pre-Tests.




Children take the ISEB Pre-Tests through a specially developed online test player that utilises cutting edge AI technology.



The test player includes a range of customisable features to ensure a positive test experience for your child, including colour overlays and font options.



The ISEB Pre-Tests are a shared assessment, which means that a child's results can be accessed by all of the senior schools who require them. This means that children only have to take the tests once.



The ISEB Pre-Tests are adaptive, so children are presented with questions based on their previous answers. This means children don't spend time answering questions that are too hard or too easy, and the test can be shorter while still giving an accurate score.



The results are age-standardised against a sample of pupils applying for independent school admission across the academic year, ensuring that there is no disadvantage for younger children, or those who take the tests earlier in the testing period.



The ISEB Pre-Tests offer a flexible test experience and can be taken at any point between the autumn and spring term in one academic year as determined by the senior school.

Registration and preparation

Registration for the Pre-Tests is completed by the parent/guardian through the Guardian Admin Portal. Registration is currently open for pupils taking the Pre-Tests in the current, 2023-24, academic year and will close on 10 May 2024.


The ISEB Pre-Tests Information for Parents/Guardians

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Preparing your child for the ISEB Pre-Tests

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The step-by-step process for SEND

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SEND Guidance

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Test Framework

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The Pre-Tests Admissions Toolkit

Registration information and support resources for families

If your child needs to take their Pre-Tests in the current academic year, 2023-24, you will need to register them through the Guardian Admin Portal by Friday, 10 May. All tests for the current academic year must be completed by Friday, 24 May.

Parents and guardians can register their children for the 2024-25 ISEB Pre-Tests session through the Guardian Portal from 10 June 2024. If your child is due to take the Pre-Tests next academic year, please do not register them via the Guardian Portal now, as their profile will be deleted at the end of the 2023-24 test session, and you will need to re-complete the registration process. All parents and guardians for the 2024-25 testing session can register their child on the portal from 10 June 2024.

Explore our toolkit of dedicated information for families preparing for the ISEB Pre-Tests, from important information about registration to information about preparation and a range of useful support materials.

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