CE 13+ Summer 2024 | Parent/guardian registration

Register your child for the Summer 2024 CE 13+ exam session

Your child will most likely be registered for Common Entrance (CE) exams by their current independent prep or junior school. However, if your child’s current school does not use CE, or your child currently attends a state school, you may need to register them with ISEB directly.

Please ensure that you have checked whether your child’s current school intends to register your child for the Summer 2024 exam session to avoid duplicate registrations. The senior school to which your child is applying can also advise whether you need to complete this form or not.

Register your child for the CE 13+ Summer 2024 exam session

To register your child, please contact ISEB through our CE Support Portal. You will be asked to provide information about where your child will be taking the test so please ensure that you have made arrangements with a test centre.

Go to the CE Support Portal

Please note: This is not the registration process for the ISEB Pre-Tests. If you need to register your child for the online ISEB Pre-Tests, you need to go to the Pre-Tests Guardian Portal and create an account. This is where you can register your child for the ISEB Pre-Tests. Registering for the Pre-Tests is free. Please note that we are only currently accepting registrations for Pre-Tests taking place by 10 May 2024. If your child will take the Pre-Tests in the 2024-25 academic year, please do not create an account on the Guardian Portal until registration for this session opens in June 2024.  Visit the ISEB Pre-Tests Guardian Portal.

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