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Common Academic Scholarship at 13+

The Board sets Common Academic Scholarship examination papers in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, TPR, French and Latin. Questions are based on the Common Entrance syllabuses; details about the form of assessment can be found in the relevant subject areas.

Candidates are entered by the senior schools for which they are registered and the papers are marked by the senior schools themselves.

Senior schools which use the Common Academic Scholarship at 13+

Further details are available for schools in the Schools section of the website.

Further details are available for parents in the Parents section of the website.

Testimonials from schools

"We have been impressed by the rigour of the CASE papers and by how they challenge even the most able of candidates. They have added an important dimension to our 13+ scholarship process."
Jane Gandee, Headmistress, St Swithun's School

"The sophistication required for students to both access and interpret the texts offered on the English paper allows us to see not simply what they have been taught or even what they think but, much more interestingly, how they think. Often it was the girls struggling to articulate multi-faceted ideas in their writing who demonstrated that they were appreciating the full complexities of what was being asked of them."
Head of English, St Swithun's School

"It is great to have a common specification for feeder schools, and the increasing opportunity in exam questions for students to think and apply their knowledge is really helpful in determining which students will flourish in our science courses."
Head of Science, St Swithun's School