iPQ, Shop, Common Pre-Tests, General, Common Entrance 6 February 2023

ISEB launches new Support Portals to improve customer service provision

As part of ISEB’s commitment to enhancing our customer service provision, we have restructured the way in which customers can contact us to gain additional support, guidance and information.

Please see the information below regarding our Support Portals which contain a wide range of useful information and frequently asked questions. 

Please note: all emails sent to enquiries@iseb.co.uk after Monday, 6 February, will not be reviewed or responded to.

We thank all our customers for their ongoing support during this transition.

Our Support Portals

ISEB Support Portal – for general enquiries.
Knowledge Base: support.iseb.co.uk
Submit an enquiry
Common Entrance (CE) and Common Academic Scholarship (CASE) Support Portal
Knowledge Base: commonentrance.support.iseb.co.uk
Submit an enquiry
Common Pre-Tests Support Portal
Knowledge Base: pretests.support.iseb.co.uk
Submit an enquiry
ISEB Project Qualification (iPQ) Support Portal
Knowledge Base: ipq.support.iseb.co.uk
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Online Shop Portal
Knowledge Base: shop.support.iseb.co.uk
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