Common Entrance, Schools 9 January 2024

CE 13+ Exam Registration for Summer 2024

From today (9 January 2024), Schools can register candidates for the Summer 2024 CE 13+ exam session through the ISEB website.

Visit the CE Registration Area within the Schools Hub on the ISEB Website to complete your registration.

Download the step-by-step guide to CE 13+ registration for schools here.

Registration for CE 13+ Summer 2024 will close on 1 March 2024.


How to register candidates for multiple subjects, CE 13+ Summer 2024

Step 1: Download the Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet from the Schools Hub, CE Registration Area.

Watch our video on how to download the template here. 


Step 2: Populate the Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet with all your candidate details using the drop-down options provided.

Watch our video on how to complete the template here.


Step 3: Once you have fully populated and completed the Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet, save it as a .CSV (comma delimited) file type.


Step 4: Return to the Schools Hub, CE Registration Area and complete the Registration Form, uploading your completed .CSV template file and click submit. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please note that you will need to be logged into an ISEB School Account to access this form and complete your registration. If you see a padlock, please log into your School Account and try again.


How to register candidates for single subjects, CE 13+ Summer 2024

The online registration forms and steps outlined above are for multiple subject registrations only – please do not submit any single subject registrations via these online forms.

If you need to register candidates for a single CE 13+ subject, please submit a ticket via the CE/CASE Support Portal.


ISEB School Accounts

Schools will need an active ISEB School Account to be able to access the online registration forms. Your school should have an account already – please contact us if you are unsure.

Prep and senior schools will be able to see candidates registered for the CE 13+ Summer 2024 session in their ISEB School Account dashboards.


CASE Spring and Summer 2024

Registration for the CASE Spring 2024 session is still open and closes on 26 January 2024. Find out more about CASE Spring 2024 registration here.

Registration for the CASE Summer 2024 session will open on 6 February 2024. You access the CASE Summer 2024 Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet now to start populating it (follow steps 1-3 the same as above), visit the CASE Registration Area now.


Help and Support

Further information about the registration process and timelines for Summer 2024 is available on the Examinations & Qualifications Registration Area. We will also keep you notified by email throughout the registration period; please add to your address book to ensure that you continue to receive our emails.

Visit our CE and CASE Support Portal to access a range of helpful articles and FAQs, or to submit an enquiry for our customer support team.

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