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ISEB endorse AI-driven Common Pre-Tests practice platform

Bond, Oxford University Press (OUP), has launched a new AI-powered adaptive learning product in collaboration with edtech company CENTURY which includes ISEB endorsed practice questions to support pupils preparing for the Common Pre-Tests.

Bond Online Premium Plus will launch with over 10,000 verified practice questions, including a growing bank of 2,000 ISEB Common Pre-Tests specific practice questions. Bond Online Premium Plus is the only test preparation resource endorsed by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), as it most accurately focuses on topics and content assessed in the tests.

ISEB CEO Julia Martin said, “Bond Online Premium Plus, powered by CENTURY, is the only platform to use authentic questions to support preparation for the ISEB Common Pre-Tests; bespoke adaptive digital tests for independent school entry. Our Pre-Tests are aimed at reducing the number of assessments children have to take, and we know how important it is for pupils and parents to take control of their preparation and development during school transition. Harnessing the AI power of our trusted digital partner CENTURY Tech, alongside the academic heritage of Oxford University Press and Bond, is a natural step in the evolution of ISEB to ensure there are personalised, innovative, but also responsible ways to support preparation for digital assessment. We couldn’t be happier to endorse this product!”

Bond Online Premium and Bond Online Premium Plus provide personalised learning pathways tailored to each child’s unique needs. They are powered by CENTURY, which combines the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to constantly track each child’s learning behaviours and question responses. The AI engine analyses this data in real-time and recommends specific areas or topics where further practice is needed to prepare for the 11+ and ISEB Common Pre-Test.

To find out more about the platform, visit:

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