Families Hub, Partner 27 September 2023

Embedding a growth mindset with Dr Kathy Weston and Lisa Chuma

Evidence-based parenting expert and founder of Tooled Up Education, Dr Kathy Weston, joins Lisa Chuma this week in the latest episode of Preparing Children for Success, in partnership with School House Magazine.  Listen to the episode to find out how you can unleash your parent power to help your child shine and gain some invaluable tips along the way!

In this episode, Dr Weston reveals the secret to nurturing a growth mindset in our children, exploring the core principals and important milestones in children’s development, working to champion ‘courage over perfection’ and the importance of praising effort over achievement, supporting our children to develop resilience and learn to manage disappointment. 

Evidence-based parenting enthusiast Dr Weston has years of experience in the field, having spent a decade as a researcher, and is expertly placed to support parents in reflecting on their methods and tactics while embedding new practical strategies to nurture the whole family. 

Recently, Dr Weston and Tooled Up have collaborated with ISEB to launch a four-part Parent Power Toolkit distilling a wide range of advice, resources and recommendations perfect for families navigating their senior school admissions journey. Parts 1 and 2 are available now through the ISEB online shop. 

Parent Power Toolkit: Part 1 Laying the Foundations

Parent Power Toolkit: Part 2 Revision

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how family life and open conversations can shape your child’s journey towards success. 

Listen to the episode now!

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