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Embrace your Parent Power with ISEB and Tooled Up Education

ISEB is delighted to announce it’s new partnership with children’s mental wellbeing and resilience expert Dr Kathy Weston, founder and creator of Tooled Up Education.

As renowned experts and providers of evidence-based resources for parents and teachers, Tooled Up is an ideal partner for the exam board of the independent sector and exemplifies ISEB’s commitment to supporting children, parents, and families to navigate their admissions journey in full, not just ahead of the exam.

As part of the exciting collaboration ISEB and Tooled Up have developed and produced a four-part Parent Power Toolkit designed to support and empower parents and guardians to help their child prepare for times of transition, which can lead to stress or worry. The Parent Power Toolkit has been designed to give agency to parents and guardians, ensuring they have the strategies and knowledge to prioritise their child’s mental health and wellbeing during stressful periods. Material has been developed to be flexible and easy to integrate into busy family life, prioritising a healthy balance between revision and relaxation.

Dr Weston commented, “No loving parent would ever dream of sending a child on a journey without some skills, strategies and tools for reaching their destination safely and successfully, and Tooled Up Education is proud to collaborate with ISEB to produce wellbeing resources designed for parents and carers who wish to optimally support their children as they navigate the academic journey.”

Julia Martin, Chief Executive of ISEB, added, “Our partnership with Tooled Up is incredibly exciting and represents ISEB’s commitment to supporting children and families throughout their admissions journey, with a focus beyond the exam hall and classroom.”

The four-part Parent Power Toolkit includes:

Part 1: Laying the Foundations for the Admissions Journey

Part 2: Setting a Sustainable Revision Programme

Part 3: Approaching Test Preparation in the Right Way

Part 4: Recognising Outcomes and Looking Ahead

Parts 1 and 2 of the Parent Power Toolkit are available now, with Parts 3 and 4 launching soon.

Buy the ISEB Parent Power Toolkit – Part 1: The Foundations now. 

Buy the ISEB Parent Power Toolkit – Part 2: Revision now. 

To launch the partnership and celebrate the first two Parent Power Toolkits, Dr Weston will be joining Julia Martin for a FREE webinar exploring the resources and materials and exploring how parents and guardians can unleash their power to support their children excel.

Reserve your FREE webinar tickets now and join ISEB and Tooled Up on 14 September from 6pm-7pm.

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