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Important changes to ISEB CE exam paper purchase processes

From 1 August 2022, ISEB will become the sole distributor of our CE and CASE exam papers, and all orders from schools, parents/guardians, and other customers will be taken through our brand-new online shop.

We would like to thank Galore Park for being the exclusive distributor of our CE exam papers for more than 10 years. We will continue to endorse Galore Park’s current CE 13+ textbooks, answer books and revision guides.

Galore Park Dynamic Learning customers:

As part of the transition of the sales of CE exam papers from Galore Park to ISEB, digital CE exam papers will no longer be available on Galore Park’s Dynamic Learning platform, so if you have purchased digital papers via this service, you will need to download your digital exam paper content by 31st July 2022.

If you have any questions about Dynamic Learning or regarding orders placed prior to 31 July 2022, please contact Galore Park.

Information for schools:

All CE exam paper orders placed by schools will be taken through the new ISEB online shop.

This will include orders of:
– Advance Orders of printed exam papers and mark schemes and digital bundles of exam papers (supplied electronically and on CDs)
– Print on demand exam papers and mark schemes
– Digital exam papers and mark schemes
– Audio CDs for CE and CASE subjects (maths and languages)
– Geography maps.

Our online shop will launch 1 August 2022, when the Autumn Advance Order will open for orders. If your school already has an ISEB school account, you will automatically be set up on the new online shop – the main contact associated with your account will be notified by email once your new account is ready and will be provided with full information about how to activate the account, as well as how the new order processes will work.

Summer 2022 Advance Orders

If you have placed an Advance Order for CE Summer 2022 exam papers, this will be fulfilled by Galore Park before 31 July 2022. Please contact Galore Park if you have any questions about the Summer 2022 Advance Order.

Autumn 2022 Advance Orders

Advance Orders for the Autumn 2022 session will be taken through the new ISEB online shop, via school accounts. Orders will open from 1 August 2022 and will close on 23 September 2022. Full instructions about how to place an Advance Order will be supplied to you, including a support guide and FAQs. We also plan to host a series of free webinars to help schools with the new ordering processes.

Information for parents/guardians, and other customers:

Individual customers such as parents/guardians will be able to purchase packs of past CE exam papers via our new online shop from 1 August 2022.

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