General 14 September 2021

New Logo, New ISEB: The Story Behind the Design

Those of you joining us at the GSA Summer Briefing in June may have seen our new CEO, Julia Martin, present ISEB’s aims for the future, where we teased our new logo for the first time. At that event, we mentioned heritage with innovation and the new logo has been designed to really recognise that. For those of you who, like us, are design-mad, here’s how we came up with the new logo.

Both our fonts were chosen as, like ISEB, they first appeared in 1904. Our main serif font for ISEB represents our heritage.

and the sans serif font, innovation.

The interlocking three shapes represent the three associations that own us: GSA, HMC and IAPS and together, represent a star for achievement and a kitemark for trust. We also loved its geometric nature; mathematical shapes as art (a bit like a non-verbal reasoning question).

It sits on a grid (a bit like graph paper…), intended to represent the diverse, global intake of pupils in independent schools across the world and our aims to ensure we champion equity, diversity and inclusion. And of course, who doesn’t remember graph paper from school?

Finally, the colours, are all tones of the original green and grey of our previous logo.

We really hope you like it and that it signals a fresh new approach to creating qualifications that really meet the needs of the independent school sector, its teachers and parents now and in the future.

Our logo, now adorns the front of our new specifications, examination papers from this year, the new Galore Park textbooks that support the new CE specification and on some brilliant new merchandise we’ll be taking with us to the IAPS conference at the end of this month, some of which is edible…

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