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How can I prepare my child for the ISEB Pre-Tests over the summer break?

Summer holidays offer a prime opportunity for parents to support their children in preparing for the ISEB Pre-Tests (11+). Don’t worry: your child is already excellently prepared, as the Pre-Tests are based on the national curriculum, and additional preparation is not required for the tests. However, we understand that some families want to do a bit of extra test practice and preparation at home. Here are some straightforward and practical tips from the ‘Preparation’ section of our Pre-Tests Admissions Toolkit to help you and your child prepare over the summer.

Get familiar with the Pre-Tests

The ISEB Pre-Tests Test Walkthrough is an excellent, completely free familiarisation tool that allows your child to explore the Pre-Tests test platform, experience the accessibility features available to them, and see the types and formats of questions that will be asked during the tests. It is the best way for children to explore the format of the Pre-Tests in a calm, low-pressure environment, which may help to prevent anxiety when they take the actual tests. Explore the Test Walkthrough.

We have also created a guide to the Pre-Tests Framework, which includes the content covered in each test. Read through the ISEB Pre-Tests Test Framework for a complete and detailed explanation of how the Pre-Tests work, how the tests are standardised, and how each of the four tests — English, mathematics, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning — are assessed.

Organise a game night

Fun, at-home test preparation has never been easier: look no further than your games box! Jigsaw puzzles, tangrams, memory games and construction toys are excellent tools for developing and practising non-verbal reasoning. Exercises as simple as revising times tables, reading to your child, and having them read to you, can help support your child’s skills in mathematics, English and verbal reasoning.

We spoke to English teacher Adam Bernard and Verbal Reasoning expert Chris Pearse about the best and easiest ways for parents to prepare their children for each of their tests, and recorded their tips and a list of their recommended games in our Preparing your child for the ISEB Pre-Tests resource.

If you want to use an online test practice platform, Bond Online Premium Plus is the only platform endorsed by ISEB. This is because it is the only test practice platform that contains questions and mock tests created by ISEB. Parents and guardians can try it for free for seven days, and for a limited time, can use the discount code ISEB10 for a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions (this discount can’t be used on yearly subscriptions and expires on 1 September 2024).

Prepare yourself

As a parent, one of the best things you can do is make sure you know exactly what you need to do before the next test session begins in Autumn 2024. Take a moment to ensure you have registered your child for the 2024-25 session and created an Applicant Profile for them on the Guardian Portal.

Find the step-by-step guide to completing the registration process here.

We hold regular free, recorded webinars for parents on how to register and support their children for the Pre-Tests. These webinars, hosted by ISEB’s Pre-Tests product experts, cover everything parents and guardians need to know about the Pre-Tests, from registration to familiarisation and how to prepare effectively. You can find out more about upcoming webinars on our Eventbrite page.

If you’ve missed these webinars, you can watch them on demand for free. Watch the webinars on-demand.

Talk to us

If you have a question about any part of the Pre-Tests, you can reach out to our excellent customer service team by submitting a support ticket. Alternatively, email us at

Relax – you’ve got it covered

Preparing for the Pre-Tests over the summer break does not have to be overwhelming. Following these practical tips from the can help your child approach the Pre-Tests with confidence and clarity and a positive mindset. Remember, the goal is to create a balanced, supportive environment that promotes effective learning while also allowing time for rest and relaxation.

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