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Summer 2024 Advance Order Open Now

The Advance Order for the Summer 2024 CE 13+ and CASE papers is open now. Read on for key dates and information about the upcoming Summer 2024 Advance Order schedule.

Key Dates

22 April 2024: Summer 2024 CE 13+ and CASE Advance Order opens.

10 May 2024: Summer 2024 Advance Order closes, and the 10% discount window ends.

11 May 2024: Summer 2024 pre-order window opens.

7 June 2024: Summer 2024 Advance Orders of print-on-demand papers are delivered before midday, Digital Bundle files become available and the pre-order period closes. All Summer 2024 CE 13+ and CASE papers become freely available on the ISEB school shop.

10 June 2024: Summer 2024 Pre-orders of print-on-demand papers ship.

What is the Advance Order, and how is it different from candidate registration?

ISEB allows schools to place an Advance Order of the exam papers from each upcoming CE and CASE session.

These papers are for use as revision and/or mock exam materials; ordering them during the Advance Order means schools can benefit from a 10% discount and guaranteed delivery of the papers on the last day of the live exam session.

What is available in the Advance Order?

Print | Schools can pre-order CE 13+ and CASE papers in print format, to be delivered on 7 June.

Digital | Schools can pre-order CE 13+ and CASE papers in Digital Bundle format (zip folders containing PDF and MP4 files). These will be available for downloading from ISEB School Accounts on 7 June. This is the most efficient and reliable way to access the Summer 2024 exam papers.

I have questions about the upcoming Advance Order

Please submit a ticket through our Shop Customer Support Portal or explore the knowledge base for our FAQs.

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