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Common Pre-Tests

The documents below provide important information about the administration of the Common Pre-Tests assessment.


Senior school guide
Invigilation centre guide

Centre declaration form

Request for candidate results

SEND candidates

The Common Pre-Tests are accessible to candidates with a range of special educational needs or disabilities. Adjustments may be applied, the nature of which will depend on the candidate’s specific difficulty. In individual cases, schools may decide that the tests are not a suitable form of assessment for a particular candidate.

Parents and/or prep schools should always inform senior schools about a candidate’s particular needs, where relevant provide a report from a suitably-qualified professional, and discuss with the senior school what provision or adjustments will be made when assessing the candidate for entry.

From 2018, the Common Pre-Tests will no longer have an automatic, on-screen timer. This means that candidates for whom it is appropriate can be given additional time to complete each test element.

For visually-impaired candidates, a degree of on-screen text enlargement is available via standard web browser zoom. It is also possible to purchase text-enlargers which clip onto the screens.

All senior schools which register candidates for the test should be informed of any adjustments made for SEND candidates.

Senior schools should take into account the potential impact of SEND as part of their overall assessment of a candidate’s application.

SEND report