How do I register my child for CE exams?

Your child will most likely be registered for CE by their current independent prep or junior school. However, if your child’s current school does not use CE, or your child currently attends a state school, you may need to register them through the ISEB website.

Please check with your child’s current school if they intend to register your child for the upcoming session to avoid duplicate registrations. The senior school to which your child is applying can also advise whether or not you need to register your child.

Students who are put forward for scholarship examinations, CASE, will likely be registered by the senior school to which they are applying, however, it is worth checking this with the senior school directly.

The next exam session for CE and CASE will take place in spring 2025. Online registration will open in the autumn term.

CE registration dates

Examination Session Opening date Closing date
CE 13+ Spring 2024 7 November 2023 27 November 2024
CE 13+ Summer 2024 5 January 2024 1 March 2024
Registration information for parents and guardians

Second-choice schools and invigilation venues

If you will be registering your child for CE exams, as their current school is unable, please ensure you only register your child for their first-choice senior school when using the registration system. This is to ensure that examination papers are correctly dispatched to their current school and marking packs to the senior school.

If your child does not gain entry to their first-choice senior school, you will need to request your first-choice senior school to forward the completed exam papers to your second-choice school via secure post.

Invigilation venues

Most students take their CE exams at their current prep/junior school. If your child’s current school is not able to do so, you will need to source an appropriate invigilation venue in agreement with the senior school to which you are applying. ISEB advise all parents to speak to the senior school to which they are applying to confirm details of appropriate alternative invigilation venues to ensure exam integrity and aid the overall admissions process.

It may be possible for the senior school to which your child is applying to invigilate, however, this must be confirmed in advance with the school in question.

CASE exams are often taken at the senior school to which your child is applying for a scholarship.

Additional Registration Information

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