Families, Families Hub, Shop 15 December 2023

ISEB Releases Full Parent Power Toolkit

ISEB and Tooled Up Education release all four parts of the Parent Power Toolkit, available to purchase now through the ISEB Online Shop.

The Parent Power Toolkit contains a set of research-backed resources and activities that are simple and easy to introduce into busy family life. From setting strong foundations for assessment journeys to revision, preparation, and processing outcomes and looking forward, these resources and activities are perfect for working through over the winter and into the spring.

“I am proud of this partnership with ISEB, where the worlds of research insight and parenting align to empower parents and support children to be the best that they can be! We address a wide range of questions and themes through the four-part toolkit using articles, videos and resource activities that any parent can try and apply with ease.” – Dr Kathy Weston, author of the Parent Power Toolkit, parenting expert and founder of Tooled Up Education

Purchase the full toolkit now by visiting the ISEB Online Shop. 

You can explore Dr Weston’s recent blog posts or listen to her recent interview on our website.

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