Examination documentation

Common Entrance at 11+

This section provides important information and documentation relating to the administration of the Common Entrance 11+ examinations. Schools should read the Regulations and Instructions to Invigilators carefully and ensure that they are followed.


Examination regulations
Registration guide for prep schools

Centre declaration form

Heads are asked to complete a declaration form to confirm that all the examination procedures have been followed. A signed copy of this form is to be sent to the relevant senior school(s) at the end of the examination period.

Centre declaration form

Head's report

A Head's report is required for each candidate. It should be sent to the senior school at least two weeks before the first day of the relevant examination session. The ISEB Head's Report Form is below. Some schools may prefer to use the ICAS Common Transfer Form.

ISEB Head's report form
ICAS common transfer form

SEND and EAL candidates

Schools with SEND candidates should contact the relevant senior school to discuss each candidate's needs. ISEB is aware of JCQ regulations and recommends that they are followed. Prep schools are asked to send senior schools the ISEB SEND report. Computers may be used by candidates who have specific learning difficulties. In particular cases, schools may provide a reader or an amanuensis. For visually-impaired candidates the Board can arrange for copies of the examination papers to be enlarged to A3. If other print amendments are required, please contact the Board at least 1 year in advance of the examination session to obtain a quotation.

Candidates whose first language is not English are allowed to use English to first language dictionaries. They are also allowed up to 10% extra time if they have studied in the medium of English for fewer than three years. This must be agreed in advance with the candidate's first-choice senior school.

SEND report
Notification of access arrangements

Subject codes

Subject codes